I started working in California’s grasslands as a restoration ecologist in 2010. Together with my hardworking interns and volunteers from the wonderful non-profit, Grassroots Ecology, I directed multiple adaptive management projects that tested best practices for restoring native species.

In 2017, mentored by my insightful and patient colleagues from the Suding lab, I led a paper on precipitation legacies in California’s rangelands. Here’s a short blogpost about the paper I wrote for the Journal of Ecology. 

Lagged effects figure_Sept29

Figure 1: Lagged effects in annual grasslands

We found that lagged precipitation is equally if not more important than current-year rainfall for annual grasslands. Figure 1 shows current year rainfall leading to lagged precipitation effects the following year, that are in part mediated by seed rain and biomass production from the previous year.

Collaborators: Lauren M. Hallett, Loralee Larios, Emily C. Farrer, Erica N. Spotswood, Claudia Stein, and Katharine N. Suding.

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