Grants and Publications


MacKenzie, Caitlin M., S. Kuebbing, R.S. Barak, M. Bletz, J. Dudney, B. M. McGill, M.A. Nocco, T. Young, R. K. Tonietto (2019). “We do not want to ‘cure plant blindness’ we want to grow plant love.” Plants, People, Planet. Link

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Publications IN PREP

Dudney, J., N. Stephenson, A. Das, J. Nesmith, and J. Battles. “Spread and severity of white pine blister rust and beetles in the southern Sierra.” (In review).

Dudney, J., S. Stephens, R. York, J. Battles. “Forest management impacts on understory species.” (In prep).

Grants and Fellowships

Smith Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2019-2020

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2014-2018

FWS Whitebark Species Status Assessment grant, 2017-2019

Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship, 2017

Switzer Environmental Fellowship, 2017

Garden Club of America Restoration Grant, 2017

USFS Forest Health Protection Grant, Research Associate, 2015-2017

USGS Natural Resource Preservation Program Grant, Research Associate, 2015-2016

Sequoia Parks Conservancy Travel Award, 2016

Lewis and Clark Research Fellowship, 2016

William Carroll Smith Fellowship, 2016

ESPM Summer Research Grant, Berkeley, 2015

Northern California Botanists Scholarship, 2014

California Native Plant Society Scholarship, 2014

Graduate Division Conference Travel Grant, 2014

Regent’s Department Fellowship, 2014

Guadalupe-Coyote Resource Conservation District Grant, 2013

City of Palo Alto Fire Research Contract, 2013

PATF Grant for Young Women’s Scholarship Program in Paraguay, 2008

Peace Corp’s Small Project Assistance Grant, 2007

The Richter Research Abroad Fellowship, 2005

Environmentalist of the Year Scholarship, 2002

Occidental College Student Research Grant, 2002

Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Scholarship, 2002


Selected as Student Representative for UC Berkeley Graduate Division
(Nominated by Dean Doyle for Graduate Research Advocacy Day in Sacramento, 2018)

Berkeley Grad Slam Championship – 2nd Place, 2017
(Nominated by UC Grad Division to present to legislators in Sacramento, 2018)

Outstanding GSI Award, Berkeley, 2016

Cal-IPC Presenter Award, 2014

Rose Hills Foundation Science Award, 2006

Invited Talks

Keynote speaker, Grad Slam, 2018

Occidental College Biology seminar, 2018

ESA, Bloom and Bust, Ignite Session, 2017


UC Berkeley, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (PhD)

Occidental College (BA in Biology)